Award Overview: Honoring Excellence

The Award stands as a symbol of excellence and achievement in the world of computer science and applied mathematics. Established to recognize and encourage promising young researchers, this award celebrates those who have demonstrated remarkable potential and innovation in their field. It's not just a recognition; it's a testament to the groundbreaking work and dedication of emerging scientists

Each year, the award spotlights an individual whose contributions have shown significant promise in shaping the future of their disciplines. By honoring such talents, the Award not only acknowledges individual excellence but also inspires a new generation of researchers. It's a beacon of inspiration, motivating young minds to pursue their passions with vigor and creativity, driving forward the frontiers of knowledge and discovery.

Eligibility and Nomination Process

The Award welcomes nominations of exceptional young researchers who have made significant strides in computer science and applied mathematics. Eligibility for this prestigious award is focused on individuals who are in the early stages of their careers yet have already shown extraordinary promise in their field. It's a platform that recognizes not just achievements but also potential.

Nominations for the award are typically solicited from renowned academic and research institutions, ensuring that candidates represent the highest caliber of emerging talent. The process is designed to be rigorous yet fair, with a panel of experts meticulously reviewing each nomination. This thorough process ensures that the award truly honors the most deserving young researcher each year.

Award Prize and Benefits

The Award is not only a mark of distinction but also comes with a host of tangible benefits. The award recognizes the exceptional talent of the winner with a substantial monetary prize, enhancing their research capabilities. Additionally, recipients are honored with a prestigious award certificate, symbolizing their exemplary contributions to the field. This accolade is further complemented by the opportunity to participate in key ERCIM meetings, offering a platform for networking and exposure to the broader scientific community. These benefits collectively serve not just as a reward, but as a catalyst for further professional development and recognition in the field of computer science and applied mathematics.

5000 EURO

  • Monetary Prize
  • Award Certificate
  • Participation in ERCIM Meetings
  • Visibility in the Scientific Community

Application Deadlines and Procedure

The application process for the Award is marked by clear deadlines and a streamlined procedure. Candidates are nominated by recognized academic and research institutions, ensuring a high standard of excellence. The nomination window opens well in advance of the deadline, allowing ample time for the preparation of detailed and compelling submissions. This careful process ensures the selection of a truly deserving recipient each year, upholding the prestige and integrity of the award.

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